Electronic Door Locks

With a legacy that spans more than 35 years in the industry, innTECH stands as a proud provider of premium electronic door locks and in-room safes. Our offerings include distinguished product brands such as Ilco and Saflok, renowned for their excellence in delivering a comprehensive range of premier solutions for guest room locking and access management.

innTECH seamlessly caters to a wide spectrum of establishments, ranging from limited-service properties and luxurious destination resorts to military installations. Our solutions highlight our commitment to addressing diverse security needs throughout the lodging sector.

As a stalwart in hospitality security, innTECH, in collaboration with dormakaba, stands at the forefront of innovation. Our cutting-edge access control systems transcend conventional paradigms, ensuring unparalleled security, reliability, operational efficiency, and guest convenience.

door lock schematic
innTECH: Seamlessly merging precision and affordability for over 35 years

Cutting Edge Solutions for An Ever-changing World

Leveraging RFID technology, wireless online systems, intelligent room interfaces, energy management solutions, and the latest secure mobile access advancements, we empower establishments to embrace the future of secure and seamless guest interactions.

Each electronic hotel lock offered by innTECH is meticulously designed, assembled, and subjected to rigorous testing within North America. These locks bear the coveted BMHA/ANSI Grade 1 certification, emblematic of unparalleled quality and compliance with esteemed standards, including ROHS (Restrictions of Hazardous Substances) and CE/EMC.

Access Management Software

Discover a new level of access control with Ambiance™. It’s the ultimate solution for dormakaba locks, offering scalability and flexibility to elevate the guest experience. In today’s shifting hotel technology landscape, long-term value is paramount. Ambiance™ reflects dormakaba’s commitment to quality.

front desk unit
Kaba’s front desk unit
stack of rfid keycards
innTECH rewritable RFID keycards

RFID technology stands as the benchmark for contemporary hospitality access controls. Coupled with Kaba’s front desk unit, our rewritable RFID keycards propel your business to the next level. At innTECH, our dedication to excellence culminates in offerings that redefine industry benchmarks and elevate hospitality to unprecedented heights.

Available Models

dormakaba rt plus electronic door lock

dormakaba RT Plus

Introducing the enhanced RT Plus from dormakaba, an evolution of the trusted RT RFID electronic lock. This version comes with integrated BLE technology right in the reader, making it a fantastic retrofit solution. Built for durability and ease of use, the lock seamlessly syncs with Ambiance and System 6000™ access management software.

Unlock the potential of RFID with RT Plus, the perfect pathway for property upgrades. Transitioning is a breeze—simply replace the outer housing while keeping your existing door setup intact.

quantum rfid electronic door lock

Saflok Quantum RFID

Presenting the Saflok Quantum RFID, showcasing its distinctive and award-winning two-piece modular design that combines an elegant appearance with exceptional lock performance. This user-friendly lock seamlessly integrates with the Windows-based System 6000™.

For enhanced functionality and comprehensive control, consider the Saflok Messenger LENS wireless system, which offers online access management and advanced monitoring capabilities.

saflok quantum pixel door lock

Saflok Quantum Pixel

The Saflok Quantum Pixel marks the newest advancement in dormakaba’s distinguished Quantum Series of RFID electronic locks. As part of this acclaimed series, Quantum Pixel offers an effortless, secure, and versatile solution, marrying visual appeal with top-notch performance.

Quantum Pixel boasts discreet visible hardware that combines its lock design with any hotel decor and creates a harmonious and functional solution by concealing its electronics within the door.

saffire LX door lock

Saffire LX

The Saffire LX showcases advanced RFID technology within a modern and refined design. With its exceptional performance, this lock presents a secure and versatile solution that integrates online capabilities and convenience, catering to the technological requirements of hotel establishments while enhancing the overall guest experience.

saflok quantum IV door lock

Saflok Quantum IV

Highlighted by dormakaba’s distinctive and acclaimed two-piece modular design, the Saflok QuantumIV electronic lock merges an RFID reader to achieve an elegant and refined appearance while delivering exceptional lock performance.

The QuantumIV harnesses the power of Mifare Plus credentials for extended capabilities while seamlessly interfacing with dormakaba’s access management software.

ilco 790 electronic door lock

Ilco 790

Employing state-of-the-art RFID technology, the Ilco 790 door lock elevates guest convenience and operational efficiency. This innovative solution introduces keycard auditing capabilities, enhancing staff monitoring and fostering greater user accountability.

Seamlessly integrating with the dormakaba access management software and portable device, the Ilco 790 widens your management possibilities.