In-Room Safes

innTECH, Inc. offers premium in-room safes for your resort guest room, hotel guest room, dorm room, home, office, or anywhere else you need to keep belongings safe and secure.

Our safes are designed to be mounted on shelves, inside of walls or on top of furniture. We have a pedestal mount available for three of our four models as well.

So whether you’re scouring the web for a premium hotel safe or for a high-quality laptop safe for your dorm room, look no further as innTECH has what you need.

innTECH is committed to the highest quality and security standards in the market today and we go to great lengths to provide premium service and support.

The following list of premium features come standard on all four models of our electronic in-room safe.

Standard Features

4 Digit Programmable Code Entry
Guests can choose a unique 4 digit code to lock and unlock the safe.

Illuminated ADA Compliant Keypad
Our safes keypad has guest-friendly illuminated numbers and is easy-to-read.

Audit Trail
The hand-held programmer allows you to download the last 100 entries.

Code Blocking
Our safes will automatically lock for 15 minutes after four incorrect code entries.

keypadLowest Power Consumption Function
The battery power saving mode function greatly prolongs our safes battery life.

Rental Mode
This function allows authorized personnel to control guest usage or charge for use of the safe.

One-Touch Battery Audit
Allows the hotel staff or whoever owns the safe to monitor battery conditions by touching the LOCK key on the digital keypad.

In-Room Safes by innTECH

innTECH-100 Laptop Safe
Easy-To-Read Illuminated Digital Keypad
Safe with Led Light and Illuminated Keypad
Internal LED Strip Light/Carpet

Available Models

100 series guestroom safe

innTECH100 Laptop Safe

The innTECH100 is our most popular electronic in-room safe. It has all of the standard features of our guest room safe line and is a true workhorse. The elegant design and durability combined with an affordable price point make this safe a must-have for any hotel or resort owner.

Model: innTECH100 – Laptop Safe
Dimensions: 7.87 ”H X 16.6” W X 14.50” D
Weight: 25 LBS.
Mounting: Wall, Shelf, or Optional Pedestal Mount
Power Supply: 4AA 1.5 Volt Batteries (included)

200 series oversized laptop safe

innTECH200 Oversized Laptop Safe

The innTECH200 is designed to accommodate an oversized laptop. It has all of the standard features of our other electronic in-room safes and provides ample storage space. The guest will experience peace of mind knowing their valuables will be safe and secure during their stay. The 200 is another example of a high-quality guest room safe combined with a fantastic value.

Model: innTECH200 – Oversized Laptop Safe
Dimensions: 7.48 ”H X 20” W X 14.96” D
Weight: 28 LBS.
Mounting: Wall, Shelf, or Optional Pedestal mount
Power Supply: 4AA 1.5 Volt Batteries (included)

300 series guestroom safe

innTECH300 Sliding Drawer Laptop Safe

The innTECH300 sliding drawer laptop safe has all of the standard features of our other in-room safes and is typically used for a desk or credenza mounting application. The 300 is a great addition to the existing room décor while providing secure storage at the same time.

Model: innTECH300 – Sliding Drawer Laptop Safe
Dimensions: 8”H X 18.25” W X 15.25” D
Weight: 37 LBS.
Mounting: Wall, Shelf, Furniture or Optional Pedestal mount
Power Supply: 4AA 1.5 Volt Batteries (included)

400 series wall safe

innTECH400 Wall Mount Laptop Safe

The innTECH400 wall mount laptop safe has all of the standard features of our electronic in-room safe line. This particular safe is designed to mount into the wall as a space saver. The insert width allows for mounting between 16” OC wall studs. The 400 is a great addition to any hotel room offering advanced security with limited space requirements.

Model: innTECH400 – Wall Mount Laptop Safe
Dimensions: 20 ”H X 16.5 ”W X 6.5” D
Weight: 36 LBS.
Mounting: Wall
Power Supply: 4AA 1.5 Volt Batteries (included)