Keycards & Replacement Parts

Explore our carefully curated selection of specialized products meticulously designed to increase the functionality, performance, and longevity of your security solutions. From rewriteable RFID keycards to a wide range of replacement parts, our comprehensive range of options is tailored to your specific needs and engineered for lasting performance.

stack of rfid keycards

RFID Keycards

Embrace versatility and cost-efficiency with our rewritable RFID keycards. Our cards are seamlessly compatible with Kaba, Saklok, Onity, Miwa, and Securelox systems.

network encoder

Network Encoders

Elevate your system’s capabilities with network encoders that enable seamless integration and remote management. Unlock advanced features and enhance security efficiency.

handheld programmer

Handheld Programmers

Take control with handheld programmers that provide easy configuration and on-the-go adjustments. Streamline your security system management with intuitive control.

quantum rfid rcu/ecu


Experience convenience and control with RFID remote and elevator control units. Enhance guest experiences and security through efficient access management.

front desk unit

Front Desk Units

Transform guest interaction and security control with our front desk units. Enhance operational efficiency while delivering a superior guest experience.

replacement safe keypad

Replacement Parts

Ensure optimal performance and extend the lifespan of your security solutions, including keypads for safes and door locks, with our comprehensive range of replacement parts.